About Machinery world

“MACHINERY WORLD” is the exclusive Agent of “MAYA” Embroidery Machine in UAE and Gulf Countries.

“MAYA” is a leading Designer and Manufacturer of high quality computerized embroidery machine, with annual sales volume over more than 4000 sets, MAYA machines are conforming to International quality Manage System Requirement and European CE.

The objective of “MACHINERY WORLD” is to provide customers with excellent quality and superior service that could bring prosperity in business in all time.

Over the past decade “MAYA” establish several representative officers and service centers overseas in many Countries and areas such as South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh , Philippines , Malaysia and so on.

Nowadays, “MAYA” is one of the market leaders of Embroidery Machine industry with a mission is to be the top Embroidery Machine & Solution Provider.

That is why, the “MACHINERY WORLD” is playing most important role to provide Training and after sales services with its expert team of Engineers in UAE and Gulf Countries.

“MACHINERY WORLD” also carrying all kind of Spare Parts to ensure perfect and quick response of after sales service.

We shall expect your visit to “MACHINERY WORLD” for Friendly Business Opportunity.

Our Values

honesty & integrity

Honesty and maintaining clients’ trust is the essence of our company and therefore we are always keen to choose the best advanced technology machines. 

High professionalism

Quality in the work is our intention so we are always keen to test and examine all the products that we make to reduce the failure level as much as possible

Customer Satisfaction

It is one of our top priorities to maintain customer satisfaction in all cases 

Information about the company's headquarters and working hours

Working hours

Saturday - Wednesday : 9 AM to 1:30 PM, 4 PM to 8 PM
Thursday: 9 AM to 2:30 PM
Friday: OFF